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So, what do we have here? It leaked, and day after a high ranked scientist resigned. True, they dont call it Elenin, the name is YU55 Asteroid, but none the less, its coming folks and its coming fast. What most of people that have been researching this topic noticed is they have been confusing us on purpose with all the different names, but if one follows dates it should be more clear.

So, with all this economic changes, Im asking if they are maybe creating this on purpose, to keep eyes of the public from a global threat, one way bigger than Wall Street going down? Factories have been pulling their canned food by tons, saying its been corrupted and cant go to sale like that. Water wells and rivers that never dried, are now dry.  Its not the economics making them dry, its the Planet itself, reacting to something. Solar flares and storms? Prolly.  But why not notify public and get people ready and prepared for all? Do they really follow their agenda to wipe out the population by two thirds, and they are letting galactic changes do their dirty work?



  1. I recored this UFO or explsion on the moon?

    Anyway,come to any conclusion you like.Please comment on my youtube page!


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