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Obama Signs in new legislation, to detain humans for life, even after they have been proven Innocent by a judge & jury.




  1. The hypocrisy of Fox News and the US right knows no bounds. These were the people who “demonised” the Gitmo prisoners in the first place – heck, if they’d have had their way, Fox News would have broadcast their summary execution by slow hanging along with a photo montage of firemens’ children at funerals, the Stars and Stripes waving in the wind, a marine saluting, and the national anthem playing in the background.

    The executive order referred to in this video dates back to 8 March and can be read here:

    For a genuine “fair and balanced” report of how the Republicans are trying to prevent the release of Gitmo detainees, read Andy Worthington’s article here:

  2. Agreed, it is very hypocritical, but aint all media like that? We get bits and pieces of “information” timed so well, that its really hard not to rethink of the reasons. Like magicians act, you are watching one hand while other hand is roaming freely, without being noticed.

    Ty for the link 😉

    • My rule of thumb is to assume it is false until proven otherwise whenever I see the FOX logo hehe.

      • Yes, them foxes can get tricky 😉

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