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The Moonchild rituals are the rituals to demonize a fetus. However, the demons that are invoked are not the small ones, but very powerful ones. In working with victims of this programming, it is clear that high level demons were placed within these people at very early ages. It is believed many of them were demonized before they were born by rituals like the Moonchild rituals. Blood sacrifices and human sacrifices are always required for this level of magic. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a Satanist who was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. He also was a leader in a number of other Masonic rites as well as an OTO leader, a chief in Stella Matutina, and a MI-6 (Br. overseas intelligence) agent. His writings have been important within 20th century Satanism and with black magicians. He wrote Moonchild, first published in 1917.

The idea of the Moonchild is that by use of black magic, a perfect soul can be captured. The belief in reincarnation, which is prevalent among the Illuminati and Satanic groups, lends itself to the belief that souls compete for a particular embryo. On page 107- 108 of Moonchild, the idea is expressed,

“To produce a man who should not be bound up in his heredity, and should have the environment which they desired for him.”

This perfect soul in a proper person is called Homunculus. The magical work upon which this is based is said to be derived from Francis Bacon, Albertus Magnus, and Paracelsus who were all reported in occult circles to have captured souls and placed them into brass statues. The Hittites, the people of Asia Minor and Syria have long sought the ability to create a superman and a superwoman. The Illuminati’s inside occult history places the Hittites in their ancestry. In 1917, long before Superman appeared in comics and movies, Aleister Crowley was writing about a superman. The magical idea is to capture a soul from the 4th dimension. In the book Moonchild, the villa used to produce a Moonchild was called “The Butter-fly-Net”. The Monarch Project (which is named after the Monarch butterfly) is also an allusion to the Moonchild project where Butterflies are an allusion to souls (what Christians call demonic spirits).

The actual rituals carried out to create a Moonchild are described in detail in three of Crowley’s writings. A vague description of the rituals can be seen by reading the book Moonchild. The ritual took place at a villa nicknamed The Butterfly Net. The villa was really an occult temple laid out in sacred geometrics. It had figures of satyrs, fauns, and nymphs. It had statues of Artemis. Lots of silver objects and crescents and 9-pointed stars were at the villa, because these objects all relate to the Moon in magic. The woman who was pregnant was surrounded by objects related to the moon. The moon’s influence was repeatedly invoked. A small triangular silver altar to Artemis was used. There was a sacred spring where the woman was washed. The number 9 (which is sacred to the moon) was used along with its square of 81. Prayers were made to Artemis, and there was the reenactment of the capture of Diana by Pan. The woman was coached to identify herself with what is known as Grandmother Moon (in the book, she simply is called the Moon or Diana) by identifying her thoughts and actions with the deities one is wanting to invoke.

The creation of the Moonchildren within the Monarch Project involves high level magic by the circle of Illuminati black magicians who are involved with a particular individual’s programming. It should be noted that Grande Master and Grande Dame alters will understand demonology, but the sections (levels) of alter above them, are not informed. One of the biggest secrets kept from most of the slave’s alters is that their system was demonized while a fetus. First, this would give religious front alters the information they need to get them on the right track towards healing, and it could also adversely affect the programming lies of some of the front alters who don’t realize how premeditated all the trauma and torture is. The front alters of victims remember the cover story that the moon children were produced via torture in cages as little children. The Illuminati have also planned that every one of the Ten Commandments of God will be violated in their favor with the child. They prefer the child to be born out of wedlock so that it is a bastard. This breaks God’s commandment on adultery, and also gives them more leverage to destroy the child’s self-esteem. This entire plan involves generational curses which are spoken and unspoken. During Illuminati ceremonies, Ceremonial Pacts (which concern having the child out of wedlock to mock God) are made. While the Illuminati destroy any Godly spiritual foundation, they are creating a solid, rock hard foundation of “love” (adoration or idolatry) within the newborn upon which they will build the programming.

The second commandment is “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain”. In the Black Mass, the names of God are invoked to get spirits with blasphemous names such as Yahweh Elohim. Most parts of the little child will never even hear the Lord’s name–he will only hear the name of his master, who will someday be presented to him as “God”. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. The child is being bonded to his future programmers. Much later, great attention will be given to set up staged events to insure that the victim being programmed hates God.

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  1. Hi I’ve just begun a new blog on How I built my own forex trading system. I throughly enjoyed reviewing your site, and I hope you find mind as significant as I found yours!

  2. Well, you better wake up and smell the roses, cause if you think this is true, then you are the one living in a fairy tale.

    btw, creating your own “facts” on wiki, doesn’t make it more real.

    I feel pitty for you, i really do, and please dont advertise your page here, tnx 😉

    • People who have no occult ties really do enjoy talking out of their ass, without knowledge to prove him wrong all the shit you say is speculative.

  3. Hello, enjoyed your post. However I have a question: what would the purpose of the illuminati be? I mean, beyond having power over human race. As long as I know they are spiritual vampires devoid of any energetic self reliance.

  4. This is a great blog Nina, I was just looking for more material on moonchildren right now and landed here. Do you frequent SZ by the way? Perhaps your a Moonchild yourself?
    I’m one, it’s not fun.

    I’m looking to do some networking on these subjects at one point and maybe I could have your help. The more info there is on these subjects the better. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter so I’ll know I wont lose sight of the blog : )

    Republicasalvaje, they are real, you do have a very good question though. As any sane man would struggle to comprehend their nature i think. I dont ask why, I just want to see them go.

  5. A bunch of conspiracy theory crap.

    • That is just an opinion of an internet anonymous, prolly based on FOX News. Doesnt bother me 🙂

      • No, it’s actually the opinion of a of a theistic Satanist who actually Warships Satan, the Nephilim, and the Watchers.

  6. I feel pity for ya 😉
    Or even better, be a sport and share you vast knowledge with us, or I gotta get raped by a bunch of fanatics and kill my spawn to be so special?

    • I love your graphic details. Maybe some one just pissed in your post toaties, or your blind , or just maybe your ignorance come from stupidity or just maybe your life is so close to that of the Menendez brothers and having nursing attendant being as blissful as Mary Henley. Either way if you dont like the info then bug-off or better yet if you didnt think the info had some validity to it then you wouldnt be here reading it. Maybe your anger is spawned from being one of these moon children yourself being used for the illuminate rituals. Or have you not read the Bible. Maybe you should.It tells you all about satan and his minions. He wants our souls. And will do whatever he can to get them. Ultimately he loses no matter how many souls he gains they all burn together. Its the most read book, the oldest book in history, and gives us,the us being those who love Him, some call Him God others Allah, gives direction to Him. In case you didnt know the Illuminate does exsist, and its members worship satan. And in doing so have to give sacrifices it allows larger more powerful of satans minions the oppurtunity to live in an human being. Its real !! It exsists!! And no matter what ,those who dont know, would like to sound off about it ,how dumb a person is for beleiving maybe you should start reading more.i’d start with the Bible and Quran then God will lead you from there . Good luck and God bless

  7. This is quoted from Fritz Springmeier, isn’t it? We never know how much of his stuff ia real and how much is controlled disinfo. We have been hoping for a reliable explanation of Moonchildren ever since we evicted a powerful demon who claimed to have entered through the ritual, but it looks like this isn’t the kind of thing normal folks can speak of firsthand. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what surfaces in future exorcisms.

    @ republicasalvaje
    >>Hello, enjoyed your post. However I have a question: what would the purpose of the illuminati be? I mean, beyond having power over human race. As long as I know they are spiritual vampires devoid of any energetic self reliance.

    I don’t even know what that means, but I’m pretty sure it’s off the mark. Have you ever read any of Svali’s articles? She portrays our people, I think accurately, as layer upon layer of terrified slaves manufacturing more terrified slaves in a vain hope of becoming so Enlightened and Godlike and Special that all the gruesome entry fees will become obsolete. A handful of screwballs actually enjoy the horrors of it, but most obey only to save their skin or because they are too brainwashed to realize what they’re doing.
    Imagine being born into the Mafia and facing a choice of whether to go along with the family business or snitch and risk having an “unfortunate accident”. Dial that up all the way to where the family business involves things the FBI won’t believe and the CIA is sponsoring, to where your lifelong social circle doesn’t include any non-members to snitch to, to where the “unfortunate accident” could be your own alter hypnotically programmed to slash your wrists while you’re locked securely in your own room, and to where this could happen if another alter even snitches about it to YOU.

  8. That is soo freaking terrifying they are talking about ritual abuse causing Disassociative Identity Disorder I believe?? THAT IS JUST ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!! BREAKING AND HURTING AND WOUNDING AND VIOLATING A UMAN LIKE THAT! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SICK SICK SICK. SOO DEMONIC AND JUST DARK THAT IS AWFUL AWFUL AWFU. SO glad to be a child of the light right now….

  9. Tyvm I have been led in this direction by curiosity I know we are in end of times the more i look up, read, and search out the types of info relating to a Bigger subject. Anyway ty again. And any additional information directly related or indirectly related is much appreciated

  10. With love to you. May God be with you. In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you for your information. So sad that it’s too much for others to handle.

  11. This actually makes me think of Beyonces Grammy or whatever award show performance she did when she was pregnant…hmm with gold dress and the table and her sitting on the table…she was mocking God and well she was pregnant and most assuredly it was a full moon on the show cause these sick people in the entertainment industry do all their shows based on the lunar cycle…🤔…interestingly disturbing…its all Good though…these demon worshippers will get what’s coming. Jesus HAS over come. Time is up and very soon life as most people know it will change. Give your life to Jesus and repent if you havent already!

  12. I stumbled on here from a Q post analysis. Pretty good stuff. All these people ripping on your information are either partaking in satanic rituals via various pagan religions or are totally ignorant.

    Thanks for writing it.

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