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Udruga za medicinsko i pravno informiranje – “Zeleni svijet” organizira međunarodnu znanstveno-edukativnu konferenciju naziva „Prva hrvatska konferencija o medicinskom kanabisu“. Ista će se održati u dvorani D7 Filozofskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu koju nam je omogućio Klub studenata Filozofskog fakulteta (KSFF) Sveučilišta u Zagrebu. Konferencija će se održati u nedjelju 23. listopada 2011. od 13.00 do 19.30 sati.

Na organizaciju iste smo se odlučili zbog konstantnog medijskog, ali i znanstvenog ignoriranja ove teme, a po uzoru na mnogobrojne svjetske manifestacije iste tematike. Posljednja slična se održala u njemačkom Bonnu od 8. do 10. rujna ove godine (

Pristup temi je s bioetičke pozicije koja zagovara pluriperspekstivnost i integrativnost stavova. Pluriperspektivnost podrazumiijeva i interdisciplinarnost, pa je želja organizatora da se osim usko stručno medicinskih pozicija čuju i mišljenja pacijenata, psihijatara, psihologa, sociologa, pravnika, agronoma i ostalih čiji su stavovi od važnosti za pristup ovoj temi.

Stoga pozivamo sve zainteresirane: pacijente, članove obitelji pacijenata, znanstvenike, novinare i ostale da nam se pridruže u otvorenoj raspravi o dobrobiti i štetnosti medicinskog kanabisa, u nedjelju 23. listopada 2011 u dvorani D7 Filozofskog fakultata u Zagrebu u 13.00 sati.

“Zeleni svijet”



There comes a times in the lives of men
When the ruthless and the criminally insane
Who rule the masses for their own gain
Make the fatal mistake of enjoying too much
Their psychopathic entertainment
They lose control in their lust for blood
And take too far their need to tread men down
By destroying any sense of a secure life
And taking away each and every freedom
Stealing the last piece of wealth they possess
So they cannot even care for their own
Stifling their voice with laws and corruption
Beating them down with rule by force
Where no justice exists for those being played
And there is no direction left for men to turn
When this insane game is taken this far
Comes the time when men have nothing left to lose
This is the time when the minds of men are freed
It is a time when man loses his fear of death
This is the time when a man becomes invincible
He becomes free to do whatever he must do
Without fear for his life or for his future
He will take control of the destiny of the world
Away from the bloodied hands of the soulless
Any action he takes he will take with a surety
That he must do something for he has no future
So the act he chooses will be all the greater
For when faced with oblivion and with no way out
He will take down as many of his oppressors with him
Gladly die in a selfless act to change the world’s future
This day is coming soon as it always does
The perverse minds of evil always self destruct
As their addiction to our suffering can never be sated
Exerting control for their paranoia and fear of men
For every good man will take down these brutes
Every free man will give up himself for his brothers
For a man with nothing left becomes fully empowered
And he is the most unassailable weapon against evil

Rupert Murdoch Uses His Media Empire to Declare War On Occupy Wall Street
October 10, 2011
By Jason Easley

In what amounts to a declaration of war against Occupy Wall Street, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has launched a misinformation assault on the 99% across multiple parts of his media empire.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Steve Doocy quoted almost verbatim from a New York Post article that highlighted the crime, drug abuse and free food at Occupy Wall Street. Here are some of the parts of the article that Doocy read almost as written on the air,Wanted for burglary, the drug-addled fugitive said some of his hard-partying pals clued him in that the protest was a good place to be fed, get wasted and crash. “I’ve been smoking and drinking in here for eight days now,” said Dave, booze on his breath and his eyes bloodshot as he lay sprawled on a tattered sheet of cardboard. “I need to get some methadone. Every day, I wake up, and I’m f–ked up.” Drugs can be easy to score — a Post reporter was offered pot for $15 and heroin for $10.…

The free chow offered to protesters was boosting the crowd.

“People say they are here for the cause, but the real reason is the free food,” quipped Cameron, 26, of Jersey City. “On my third day, they had smoked salmon with cream cheese. You know how much smoked salmon is a pound? Sixteen dollars. I eat better here than I do with my parents!”

At one point yesterday, a speaker from Washington, DC, told protesters how to break out of zip ties and handcuffs in case they get collared. The protest vet, Ryan Clayton, 30, demonstrated how use a bobby pin to spring the cuffs open — while claiming he was “not encouraging people to break out of restraints.”

News Corp owned Fox News used the quotes from the also News Corp owned Post to substantiate their claims that the people attending Occupy Wall Street are criminals, druggies, and hippies who are only there for the free food. The point of writing such stories and essentially reading them on Fox News is not only to smear Occupy Wall Street, but also to scare News Corp readers and viewers who might be having sympathetic feelings or even considering standing with the 99%.

News Corp is trying to portray the protests as dangerous places full of shady characters where drugs and sex are running rampant. The Post article even worked in a quote and a reference to Woodstock. The strategy is clear. News Corp is combining their resources to spread an anti-Occupy Wall Street message across multiple media properties and platforms. This is an escalation of their attack on the protesters and their message.

Murdoch is using his vast media empire to declare war on Occupy Wall Street and the 99%. News Corp is now coordinating their message and attacks. The anti-Occupy message has been appearing on several News Corp owned properties individually, but the media giant is now trying to unify the dissemination of their misinformation. News Corp has gone from mocking the protests, to denying the size of the protests, to launching an all-out coordinated misinformation campaign against Occupy Wall Street.

News Corp and the right wing media have been trying for over a week now to slow down the growth of this movement with no success. More people are joining the existing protests, and new protests are springing up around the country. The 99% don’t have a Rupert Murdoch, but they do have thousands of people taking to Twitter, Facebook, blogs and websites to report the truth about these protests.

The one percent have their media machine churning out their propaganda 24/7, but they are fighting a message war that they are destined to lose.


2081: A short film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron, 2081 depicts a dystopian future in which, thanks to the 212th Amendment to the Constitution and the unceasing vigilance of the United States Handicapper General, everyone is “finally equal….” The strong wear weights, the beautiful wear masks and the intelligent wear earpieces that fire off loud noises to keep them from taking unfair advantage of their brains. It is a poetic tale of triumph and tragedy about a broken family, a brutal government, and an act of defiance that changes everything. Featuring an original score performed by the world-renowned Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream) and narration by Academy Award Nominee Patricia Clarkson (Far From Heaven, Goodnight and Good Luck), 2081 stars James Cosmo (Braveheart, Trainspotting), Julie Hagerty (Airplane!, What About Bob?) and Armie Hammer (The Social Network).



watch online at:


Grupa naučnika s univerziteta Kornel u Itaki,država New York u SAD,kako prenose neki mediji iz Francuske je uspela da otkrije preko Twitera kakvo je rasploženje kod ljudi u svetu.Došli do zaključka da ljudi širom sveta imaju sličan ritam promene raspoloženja,bez obzira na razliku u kulturi,mesto življenja ili religiju.


Istraživači se služili društvenom mrežom Twittera kako bi ispitali i došli do podataka o raspoloženju ljudi širom sveta koji pripadaju različitim kulturama i identifikovali njegove varijacije iz sata u sat u toku dana ili iz sezone u sezonu.

Ova grupa je došla do podataka da su ljudi pozitivniji i raspoloženiji  vikendom kao i  početkom dana,dok kasnije raspoloženje opada zbog uticaja pospanosti i bioloških dnevnih ritmova kod ljudi.

Naučnici su  do ovakvog zaključka  došli analizom 509 miliona tvitova koje je tokom dve godine posmatranja poruka Twitteru koje je ispisalo  2,4 miliona osoba iz 84 zemlje sveta

Nakon tužbi podignutih u Kanzasu i Kaliforniji i korisnica Facebooka iz Louisiane tužila je tu društvenu mrežu prozivajući je za kršenje zakona za praćenje. Riječ je o prikupljanju i skladištenju podataka korisnika vezanih uz njihovo surfanje po internetu.

Janet Seamon iz Louisiane tuži Facebook zbog prikupljanja i skladištenja podataka korisnika o njihovom surfanju po internetu čak i nakon što se odlogiraju. Seamon tvrdi da je Facebook koristeći tracking cookie prekršio zakone o praćenje.

Slične tužbe su pokrenute i u Kanzasu, te Kaliforniji, piše Associated Press.

UNITED NATIONS is behind the Chemtrails !
Rothschilds founded UN !!!!
Alice Baily (Lucis Trust) Is part of UN , this should warn us all…..
Can we trust the world controllers? NO They have become rich by a system based on Theft , Genocide , Murder & LIES
I Agree With This Woman , i have been thinking what she say’s they can just as well spray a biological lab virus which could make us all sick .


Do you ever look up to the sky and ask yourself what is that white trail net doing all over your city? I do. I see a lot of others do as well. There are millions of questions all over the net, billions of theories but not a one straight, true answer. One thing Im sure of, they are full of shit.

“We do it to stop the global warming!” Are you fucking serious?



This image was taken couple days ago in Tuzla, Bosnia:

And this is taken a some two weeks ago in Hungary:

Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years



Scientists have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories.

The hybrids have been produced secretively over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.

The revelation comes just a day after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far.

Last night a campaigner against the excesses of medical research said he was disgusted that scientists were ‘dabbling in the grotesque’.

Figures seen by the Daily Mail show that 155 ‘admixed’ embryos, containing both human and animal genetic material, have been created since the introduction of the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embryology Act.

This legalised the creation of a variety of hybrids, including an animal egg fertilised by a human sperm; ‘cybrids’, in which a human nucleus is implanted into an animal cell; and ‘chimeras’, in which human cells are mixed with animal embryos.

Read more:

The earth is what we all have in common.
~ Wendell Barry

by Ernest Callenbach

I. Thou shall love and honor the Earth for it blesses thy life and governs thy survival.
II. Thou shall keep each day sacred to the Earth and celebrate the turning of its seasons.
III. Thou shall not hold thyself above other living things nor drive them to extinction.
IV. Thou shall give thanks for thy food, to the creatures and plants that nourish thee.
V. Thou shall educate thy offspring for multitudes of people are a blessing unto the Earth when we live in harmony.
VI. Thou shall not kill, nor waste Earth’s riches upon weapons of war.
VII. Thou shall not pursue profit at the Earth’s expense but strive to restore its damaged majesty.
VIII. Thou shall not hide from thyself or others the consequences of thy actions upon the Earth.
IX. Thou shall not steal from future generations by impoverishing or poisoning the Earth.
X. Thou shall consume material goods in moderation so all may share the Earth’s bounty.

Section taken from D.W. blog:

…. there have been MASSIVE new developments to this story that have forced another round of serious consultations with our key insiders. Part II is mostly finished, but the story is changing faster than we can write it.
I am not permitted to go into specifics, but I can now comfortably say that in addition to the first 8, MANY additional bases have now had all personnel and materials mysteriously removed. It happened within the last week.
In this case, the rooms are still there, but they are now empty — except for some broken pieces of furniture.
I know this sounds ridiculous, but this is the situation. Apparently no one has died from any of these incidents. Audio recordings reveal the sounds of furniture sliding all over the place and people yelling for up to 24 hours before it stops.
I also had one of my most trusted sources independently confirm that the Monaco Accords did take place. When I asked why this was never mentioned before, I was told that until I asked the right questions, revealing that I already knew the answers, nothing could be said.
I must admit that since the sources who revealed this latest development to me have demonstrated profound trustworthiness, I was so overwhelmed about the news of the sheer number of bases that have now been affected by this campaign that I burst into tears.
I don’t know how long it will take for the results of all this to be public for everyone, but it most definitely appears that the Old World Order are being forced to surrender by the same ETs that have systematically protected us from nuclear holocaust.]

The Roswell, New Mexico incident has captured our imaginations for the past seven decades, and has spawned numerous investigations and conspiracy theories. Explanations for what happened that day range from weather balloons to a huge government cover up, yet they all fall short in making sense of what many consider to be the most startling UFO event in human history.

One thing is for certain: Roswell, once just another sleepy locale in the desert, has become a world renown name, and the purported alien crash that took place there remains one of the greatest unexplained events of our time.

Or has it?

The FBI has recently released previously classified documents that provide insight into its investigation of the Roswell incident, and startlingly, what’s recorded within them mirror the various testimonies provided by witnesses of what took place.

What if even you are a hybrid, and not aware of it? How would you react?




Disclosure Petition – Paradigm Research Group

“We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon.”


Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence. Opinion polls now indicate more than 50% of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. The people have a right to know. The people can handle the truth.


UFO encounters became especially frequent in the middle of the 20th century, when it became impossible to disregard incidents of UFO sightings anymore. Special services started establishing special departments for air defense troops, secret laboratories were organized to study the phenomenon. It is not ruled out, that secret services have already had chances to study fragments of alien spaceships or even aliens themselves.

It is about time science should say its word regarding the problem, and it did. SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), an independent non-commercial organization, released a sensational statement.

Three giant spaceships are heading towards Earth. The largest one of them is 240 kilometers wide. Two others are smaller. At present, the objects are beyond the orbit of Pluto.

The spaceships were detected by HAARP search system. The system, based in Alaska, was designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights. According to SETI researchers, the objects are nothing but extraterrestrial spaceships. They will be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they reach Mars’s orbit. The US government has been reportedly informed about the event. The ships will reach Earth in December 2012.

ps: yeah, i know ill more then likely burn with all but my last words will be: TOLD YA SO!!!

pps: this sh@t about HAARP being there to study polar lights… what a bunch of cow doo


So, what do we have here? It leaked, and day after a high ranked scientist resigned. True, they dont call it Elenin, the name is YU55 Asteroid, but none the less, its coming folks and its coming fast. What most of people that have been researching this topic noticed is they have been confusing us on purpose with all the different names, but if one follows dates it should be more clear.

So, with all this economic changes, Im asking if they are maybe creating this on purpose, to keep eyes of the public from a global threat, one way bigger than Wall Street going down? Factories have been pulling their canned food by tons, saying its been corrupted and cant go to sale like that. Water wells and rivers that never dried, are now dry.  Its not the economics making them dry, its the Planet itself, reacting to something. Solar flares and storms? Prolly.  But why not notify public and get people ready and prepared for all? Do they really follow their agenda to wipe out the population by two thirds, and they are letting galactic changes do their dirty work?

We are all witnessing that SOMETHING is going on. Things are changing rapidly, people are starting to wake up and we have signs of it all over the World. Protests on the streets, on the internet, people somehow just got sick of it and decided to take control in their hands. Could all this be a part of this celestial happening or is it something totally unrelated? They say Earth entered energy cloud that is changing us and the Planet. Governments are performing measures that obviously point to the fact that something is ahead. Is it purely an economical crysis as they want us to believe, or there is something much much bigger behind it all?

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